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1st discussion on TharnType or an introduction to the MewGulf world!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

"TharnType" is a series that cannot be reviewed in a single post! Why is that?

For the very simple reason that it is a "milestone" for thai BL.

My second, personal reason, is that it was the very first genuine BL I watched and ... I didn't like it!! Hence, I tried to discover why it had such a great appeal to millions of fans.

The reasons I didn't like it had nothing to do with the genre or the plot:

- Watching for the first time a drama in thai language was for me funny and unpleasant, so I watched the whole season in mute!

- My initial appreciation for the actors was not very positive with the exception of Mew. I found Gulf's performance as Type inadequate and annoying.

I will repeat once more that everything I state above is my initial reaction to TharnType!!!

For one thing I was certain: I liked BL a lot! So, after having gotten used to the language (since I started watching many similar series) and having watched many videos of MewGulf I decided to give it a second chance. This time, without mute mode and having many other dramas to compare with, it was as if I saw something completely new. I even felt guilty for my first impression!

I had already loved Mew, so I focused on Gulf and I realized that it was Type who was annoying not Gulf, and his awkward acting was part of his character.

It was after these realizations that I just became addicted to it.

- Addicted to the point that I can't remember how many times I have watched both seasons!

- Addicted to TharnType/MewGulf.

- Addicted to Mew as an actor, as a singer, as an MC, as a producer, as everything....

I strongly believe that Mew and Gulf are one of those rare cases where one made the other bloom, with a total absence of selfishness and with great affection for each other.

I will "rest my case" here, and let this post be as the title states: an introduction !

If I don't handle it as such, I will go on talking about those two forever!!!

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