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2nd discussion on TharnType...

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I provide the plot for those who are not acquainted with BL.

When homophobic Type discovers that his roomate is gay, he tries to make his life miserable in order to kick him out of their dormitory. Tharn, who is very open about his orientation,tries to defend his choices and keeps up with Type's bullying and insulting behavior. When he discovers that Type's hatred is the result of his molestation as a child, he becomes even more understanding and supportive and ends up having deep feelings for him. On the other hand, Type begins to realize that Tharn is someone who is impossible to hate, no matter how hard he tries.

I believe that the best way to give a review for this drama is to be as objective as possible, regardless my weakness towards MewGulf. I strongly believe that my unbiased opinion is what this couple deserves.

It is absolutely not the best BL series but it's much,much better than the majority I've watched. I have come across many negative comments regarding Tharn's "sexual harassment" towards Type and about Type's unnecessary violent outbreaks.

But, let's be honest! Most of the thai BL I've watched treat very superficially many serious issues and give a very light and naive story line. So, why such a heavy condemnation on TharnType ???

Not only it is a good production with an interesting plot, but also the two actors portray their characters excellently! Mew, once more, proves his great talent and Gulf should definitely be highly praised since it is not only his first BL role but also his first leading role.

It's a fact that the secret behind TharnType's success is the powerful couple MewGulf! There's no doubt on this!!!

In my opinion, there is a plethora of BL series with cringy and insulting content, however, TharnType is not one of them. Yes, there may be some loopholes in the scenario but it's not a big deal as the end result is more than satisfactory. To be honest, the NC scenes could be much better especially compared to the ones in the book.On the other hand, I am not so sure that I would like a bolder acting by this adorable couple. They have been so much idealized in our minds and in our hearts that we want nothing more and nothing less from them!

On the other hand, I have the impression that the production prefered to maintain a low key result

(I still cannot understand why it is rated as 18+ Restricted).

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