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Back to Spain with "The Pier"!

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

2019-2020 2 Seasons

Mystery, crime, love drama...

Alvaro Morte in a subversive role that reminds nothing of "the professor".

Alejandra's(Veronica Sanchez) life turns upside down when she is informed that her husband Oscar(Alvaro Morte) commited suicide at a pier outside Valencia. Since he was supposed to be in a business trip in Germany, she visits the village in order to find out the truth. She soon discovers that Oscar was leading a double life with Veronica(Irene Arcos) and was the father of a five year old girl. Struggling to find a logical explanation behind her husband's behavior, she visits Veronica under a false identity and starts living with her. Being the exact opposite, Alex is captivated by Veronica's free spirit and uncompromising personality and indulges herself in a lifestyle where passion plays a leading role. At the same time, she tries to find out whether Oscar's death was indeed a suicide or a murder since it was proved that he was involved in illegal businesses. However, when her relationship with Veronica takes a different turn, she can not hide her identity anymore. How will this revelation affect her personal life and her efforts to solve Oscar's death?

I believe that this series should have a higher recognition ( not a top one but a higher one).

To be sincere, I felt that the two seasons were unnecessary. The plot could easily be concluded in just one season. Hence, I understand those who may have found it boring. I also found some episodes tiresome to watch. Nevertheless, I would not characterize it a bad series.

It is an unconventional and realistic approach towards human weaknesses and passions (something common in spanish productions), with all actors giving great performances. What I find astonishing, is the fact that all the characters have an alluring aspect so I could not bring myself to hate any of them. I find very refreshing that the love scenes are realistic and natural instead of provocative and overstated. I enjoyed Alvaro Morte in a role full of faults and weaknesses! Irene Arcos gave an intoxicating personality and made us crave for a similar life approach. I am also certain that many viewers could corellate with Alejandra's compromised life although I think that she overreacted in many instances.The main point here is what is the real meaning of "freedom" and how each one of us perceives it. Free of responsibilities, free of ethical limitations, free to follow our heart or our primal instincts? I strongly believe that it lies on how well we know and accept ourself in order to pursuit what is meaningful and fulfilling. Therefore, the same principle applies on how viewers interpret the meaning of this drama.

Once again I will repeat that it depends on what one expects from a drama. Maybe I expected more but it isn't a series which I regretted watching.

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