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"Cherry Magic"...real magic on the screen!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

The well-known manga called "30 years of virginity can make you a wizard" turns into an enchanting series called "Cherry Magic". This production is the greatest proof that BL can succeed even without sex scenes or challenging dialogues.

Original Title: "Sanjûsai made dôtei da to mahôtsukai ni nareru rashii "

Date of Release: 2020, Japan

Episodes: 12

Cast: Keita Machida, Eiji Akaso

According to a japanese legend, if you come at the age of 30 being still a virgin, you will acquire the ability to read the thoughts of anyone you touch. Our introverted and shy hero, Adachi (Eiji Akaso), wakes up the morning of his 30th birthday facing this extraordinary reality. Kurosawa (Keita Machida) is the most handsome,successful and popular employee, who works in the same company as Adachi. Being the exact opposite to him, Adachi has idolized Kurosawa, feeling a great admiration towards his colleague. His world turns upside down when through their accidental contact he discovers that Kurosawa has hidden feelings for him. This flustering revelation, paves the path for these two opposite characters to cultivate a warm and strong relationship and gives Adachi the courage to accept and pursue his inner wishes.

Two wonderful professionals give their best performance and bring to life our beloved manga heroes with exceptional acting skills. They build up feelings of strong love, passion and warmth just by looking at each other. The only intimacy we witness is holding hands and a couple of hugs. However, this, in my opinion, is what makes this drama unique since as a viewer I never felt for once that I needed something more. Needless to say, it has a lot to do with the director's artistic ability to present such a great manga adaptation, and the actors who made a hug and an intense glance have more impact than a sex scene!

Definetely "Cherry magic" has the first position in my japanese BL series list.

The SWEETEST and most HEARTWARMING BL I've watched!!!!

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