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"Esteros"- A lovely LGBT movie from Latin America

Esteros del Ibera are the Ibera wetlands in Argentina. It is the place where two young boys, Mathias and Ignacio, shared sweet childhood memories along with their first sexual awakenings. But their carefree summertimes come to an end when Mathias' parents decide to move to Brazil. Ten years later Mathias (Ignacio Rogers) returns to his hometown with his girlfriend. When he meets Jero (Esteban Masturini), he is overwhelmed by old memories and suppressed feelings that up to now he had managed to keep under control or so he thought. Jero also lives a half life since he never managed to forget his first and only love. Their encounter brings back everything he longed for.

A heartfelt and romantic film by Papu Curotto with wonderful cinematography, nostalgic music and picturesque idylic landscapes. The realistic and passionate interaction between these two attractive and sexy actors makes this drama unforgettable. The flashbacks to their childhood moments contribute to their emotional escalation and are the key element that makes us understand their unique bond. A genuine love story deprived of guilt and conservatism which leaves a sweet and refreshing sensation to the viewer, with a high rewatch value.

It's been a long time since I have enjoyed an LGBT drama so much.

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