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Updated: Apr 16, 2022

I wouldn't call myself as a fan of Jung Hae In, at least with the typical meaning of the word "fan". I would just say that I have a great appreciation of his talent and of his works. I had never managed to watch anyone's vlog up to now but I watched Hae In's Travel Log very easily and I really enjoyed it. I even rewatched a couple of episodes! My conclusion is that he is an authentic multitalented actor who gives the vibes of "the guy next door" and this is why he has managed to fascinate so many viewers.While he has the appearance of a young boy, when it comes to romance and love scenes, he brings out a realistic and passionate personality. From what I have seen, I liked mostly "One Spring Night" and for this reason I reviewed it separately. So, I will go on with the rest of his leading roles.

"Something In The Rain" paired Hae In with Son Ye Jin and the result was more than perfect. He played in the most natural way the role of Joon Hee, a young man who falls in love with the older sister of his childhood friend. Jin Ah has reached her mid thirties without being able to have a successful relationship. Although hesitant in the beginning, she eventually lets herself be swept away by Joon Hee's enthusiasm and sincerity, and feels for the first time that she is worth of a man's love.

It was definitely a very good series, with the same mature and realistic approach in human relations as in the "One Spring Night". The only objection I have is that there is too much unnecessary drama towards the end. The social norms and the morality issues which are present in almost every korean drama, should not affect Jin Ah's decisions in such length. From the very beginning we are faced with a storyline free of cliches and with two openminded mature characters. Thankfully, the end saved the day!

"A Piece of Your Mind" is a drama which I liked from the very first scene. I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and the plot.

Moon Ha Won (Jung Hae In) is a well known innovator in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Heartbroken by an unrequitted love, he leads a distanced life dreaming of his idealized first crash. His encounter with Seo Woo (Chae Soo Bin) shakes his well built world and he starts to take an optimistic turn towards life.

Hae In is ideal for such romantic and nostalgic roles. His whole appearance gives a serene and comforting vibe and persuades us effortlessly about his worth as an exquisite actor.

I will refer to "Tune in For Love" not because I especially liked it but because the actors gave their best. I had greater expectations from this movie, so I was honestly disappointed. While the beginning seemed promising and it gave the feeling of good material, something was off. Somewhere in the middle, the storyline became flat and the relationship of the main couple had an indecisive course. When we finally think that things have started to make sense, unnecessary complications create a downfall. It's a pitty since Hae In and Kim Go Eun are so, so good and maybe this is the only reason that most viewers were satisfied by this movie.

However, I always try to be objective and not being carried away simply because I like an actor. Consequently, I had the obligation to give my most sincere opinion for Jung Hae In's work waiting in anticipation for his next project!

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