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"His" (2020)

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

"His" is a japanese movie which follows the story of Shun and Nagisa many years after the beginning of their love affair in "His- I didn't think I would fall in love" (2019).

Once again I feel lucky that I watched first the movie and later the 2019 series. While the movie was ecxeptional the series was indifferent. However, I watched it in order to get to know the beginning of their story.

Shun (Miyazawa Hio) and Nagisa (Fijiwara Kisetsu) fell in love when they were 17, during their spring break at a seaside resort. When graduating from college, Nagisa decides to break up since he cannot imagine a future between them. After many years, the heartbroken, introverted Shun leads a peaceful life in a remote rural village. One day, Nagisa appears on his doorstep with his six year old daughter Sora and asks for Shun's support, since he is going through a difficult divorce. Although reluctant at first, Shun cannot put aside his lingering feelings, especially after spending time with Sora who starts to become fond of him. Nagisa's love confession bends his last defences and makes him accept and embrace his second chance for a happy life.

A really great movie with a mature and emotional storyline, without however too much drama as one would have expected since the custody issue plays a very important role in the plot. This drama is a powerful proof that life cannot be lived in pretences. Sora's character is very refreshing and adds a light and innocent perspective in adult issues which would have a more dramatic approach if not seen through her eyes. The two leading actors are beyond description! With no exageration in the manifestation of their feelings, they manage to build up an emotional tension with silent flirting glances and they prove the importance of chemistry between the actors. Miyazawa Hio captured my heart from the very first scene. His quiet introverted personality gave out painful emotional vibes making it impossible for the viewer not to realize his struggle to overcome his long lost love. Fijiwara Kisetsu has already become one of my favourite actors. He manages to play perfectly the character of a man who tries to balance his role as a loving father and at the same time to claim his lost love after many years of frustration.

A very rewarding film that copes with social issues and human relations in a very sweet and condenceding way, with a serene rural atmosphere that only japanese productions can depict so perfectly. This drama is one more reason for me to regard Japan as my first choice for high quality BL.

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