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Lee Min Ho as a "City Hunter" with "Personal Taste"

As soon as I became a fan of Kdramas, Lee Min Ho's name started to pop up in most of my searches as one of the most popular korean artists. Faithful to my usual method, I watched most of his well-known works and I came to the conclusion that I prefered his earlier dramas (not because of his acting but because of the very good scenarios). Up to now I am unable to understand his allure and how he has been branded as a number 1 actor. What I clearly aknowledge is that he knows how to choose his projects. Most of them were good productions with very interesting plots.

"City Hunter" (2011)

Episodes: 20

Cast: Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Joon Hyuk

Surprise, surprise...A manga adaptation!

Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) is raised trained by an ex black ops official Lee Jin Pyo. He nurtures him with the main goal in life to take revenge for the death of his biological father. As an MIT genious he gets a job in the Blue House, since his targets are five politicians. He sets his plan in motion, becoming a masked avenger with exceptional combat skills. However, his determination is shaken when he starts to discover that he doesn't know the whole story behind his past.

A very good action, revenge and romance drama which reminds a Marvel movie. Unfortunately, what I began to watch with great enthusiasm, somewhere in the middle, became a flat plot but not in an extent that I would change my initial appreciation. It was a very promising and ineresting series, and I highly recommend it but Lee Min Ho didn't persuade me for his talent. Nevertheless, the rest of the cast (Lee Joon Hyuk the perfect prosecutor Young Joo) was very good and the action scenes were amazing. While writing about this production I decided that I want to rewatch it. It was really very entertaining and refreshing.

"Personal Taste" (2010)

Episodes: 16

Cast: Lee Min Ho, Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Wang Ji Hye

Jeon Jin Ho (Lee Min Ho) is a young architect who tries to come in contact with a retired famous architect in an effort to get inspired by his early genious work. When he finds out that his daughter, Gae In (Son Ye Jin) is looking for a roommate, he decides to pretend being gay in order to get closer to her. What he didn't expect was that he would fall in love with the naive and soft-hearted Gae In and his initial ambition would not be a priority anymore.

A classic romantic comedy with sweet and funny moments (I prefer Min Ho's funny side). Not an exceptional series but I found an appeal in the plot which maintained my interest. I felt tired by the docile and unattractive character of Gae In who until the end didn't manage to reveal a more passionate side. In general, it is a light and easily watched drama despite the fact that it contained a couple of boring scenes. Probably, it would be better adapted as a movie. I believe that I enjoyed it mainly because of its simplicity and the lack of drama. Sometimes, a lighthearted plot is all we need in order to uplift our mood!

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