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"Long Time No See"... Korean BL at its best!!!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

A contract killer and a gangster.

Assigned as each other's target.

Only one of them is aware of the other's identity.

They end up as lovers!

Apparently, a very simple and common plot but a surprisingly good movie! No cringy or lukewarm scenes. Two mature characters, very down to earth, with no illusions for their on-going situation.Despite all the controversies, they plunge themselves into a passionate relationship with no intention to give up. They are two pieces of the same puzzle that click together and give meaning to their narrowlly defined universe.

I enjoyed every minute of it. My only objection is that it had a rather rushed ending. It could have a more elaborate scenario which would definitely result in a more complete story. Nevertheless, it has a very satisfying ending and this is more than enough for me, since similar plots end up in drama! I don't know whether, giving the hint of a happy ending, can be considered as a spoiler. For me, such information works as motivation in order to watch a film.

"Long Time No See" has the elements that make a movie rank higher than others. Good actors, no exageration either in action scenes or in love scenes and an easygoing but interesting script. It certainly offers this smooth and romantic simplicity which is common in a great number of Kdramas.

Not an exceptional film in general but one of the best for its category. It was enough to make me realize that korean productions can easily earn a high ranking in asian BL.

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