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"Obsessed" -My very first encounter with the korean world! (18+Restricted)

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

What made me like this movie? I am not really sure! I just liked it! It was one of those cases where I knew that I was watching a good drama despite the many drawbacks I had indicated.

This 2014 film, has nothing to do with obsession.

Colonel Kim Jin Pyeong (Song Seung-Heon), a war hero, returns from Vietnam to his military base in South Korea. Struggling with his war traumas and his compromised life within a loveless marriage, he finds a glimpse of hope in the face of Jong Ga Heun (Ji-Yeon Lim), the young wife of Captain Woo Jin. Ga Heun is also trapped in a similar situation hence they entangle into a passionate love affair with tragic outcomes. The feelings between the two lovers are not those of obsession but feelings of two persons desperately in need for love and affection.

The film made a big impact because of the bold sex scenes, which are the only spark in the slow burn and catatonic atmosphere of the strict military environment.

Nevertheless, I can easily include it among the good movies of my list, since Song Seung-Heon is a very good actor and here is one of his best roles. A heavy, heart-breaking storyline that gave me a lot of crying but didn't prevent me from watching it three times. Each time, I discovered a new detail that offered more weight to the drama.

Although it is not a top rated film, I highly recommend it as a good example of the korean film industry especially if you are fed up with the usual prudish content of Kdramas. It is also a good example of Seung-Heon's talent, for those who are not already acquainted with him.

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