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"One Spring Night" (2019)

One spring night, Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) steps into Yu Ji Ho's (Jung Hae In) pharmacy looking for a hang-over remedie.This brief encounter is the beginning of a friendship which soon develops into a strong affection. However, admitting their real feelings is not an easy process since Jung In is already into a four-year relationship and Ji Ho is the single father of a little boy. Their social surroundings make it difficult for them to keep meeting in secrecy and they soon realize that they must face reality.

At last I came across a very down to earth, realistic Kdrama. It is a simple and at the same time a genuine love story combined with elements of social drama. Great, great actors who depict their characters in a way that makes us think of them as our next door neighbours. There is no extreme manifestation of sentiments and the side characters support the main ones without annoying or unnecessary interventions. The couple's relationship develops very naturally and they both face their situation with the maturity we so often expect but rarely get as viewers of korean series. Furthermore, the direction was impecable and the music in the background of the scenes was cleverly chosen adding a sweet touch in the whole picture.

This drama made me realize that I am not satisfied with the usual easy-going korean rom coms anymore. Fortunately, every other work of Jung Hae In I watched after this, was of the same quality and made me aknowledge him as one of the best korean actors.

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