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"Semantic Error" really made a difference!!!

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Country: S.Korea

Released : Feb 2022

Episodes: 8

Cast: Park Seo Ham, Park Jae Chan


Sang Woo (Park Jae Chan) is a junior student in Computer Sciences completely dedicated to his studies. He is the leader in a group project where the members have left him to do all the work by himself. As he always goes by the rules, he decides to exclude everyone and take the credit for the whole project. This action however, has as a result to prevent Jae Young (Park Seo Ham), a senior member of the group, from graduating. This is the beginning of a relentless persuing towards Sang Woo which goes through many stages of emotions. Jae Young's seemingly bullying behavior turns into a deep interest and affection, nevertheless, Sang Woo's personality makes it very hard for him to reciprocate his feelings.

I had already read this manga before its realization into a series. This was a great bias for me since I loved everything about it and lately most of the adaptations I have watched, have been proved a great disappointment. Of course I have mentioned in previous posts a couple of them which were really successful but they were just exceptions."Semantic Error" is the proof that Korean BL keeps improving!

A successful production with quality work in script, cast and direction. The actors are adorable and they are a perfect match for their characters. Certainly, there are a number of differences but this is only natural. More specifically,the intimate scenes have been ommited and the inital script had excluded even the kissing scenes. Thankfully, both actors asked for the realization of the kissing scenes and the result was more than rewarding. They made a great work indeed! What is more interesting though, is that one of the differences I spotted made a better impact in the series than in the original manga. I refer to the drawing that Jae Young made on Sang Woo's arm. In the manga, Jae Young asks Sang Woo what is his favourite item in order to draw it for him and he comes up with a tractor. However, in the adaptation Jae Young decides to draw the inital cartoon he had given as a sample to Sang Woo during their first meeting. A much more romantic and meaningful choice!

Certainly a must watch especially for those who aren't acquainted with the anime version.

A really, really great adaptation that deserves a high recognition!

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