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"THE MAN WITH THE ANSWERS" (Ο άνθρωπος με τις απαντήσεις)

Updated: Jan 20

A co-production of Greece, Cyprus, and Italy written and directed by Stelios Kamitsis.

Cast: Vasilis Magouliotis, Anton Weil, Stella Fyrogeni

Victoras is a former champion in diving. When his grandmother dies, he decides to visit his mother who lives with her new husband and their son in Bavaria.

On the boat to Bari, he meets Mathias who persuades him to travel together and share the expenses.

A common storyline which at first thought I might find boring since I am not a great fun of road trip movies. Nevertheless, this film was a big surprise. An easy going, uncomplicated and sweet movie with remarkable direction, great photography and music. An exceptional work with no extreme or emotional scenes but strangely it has a sentimental and powerful impact to the viewer. I believe that what Kamitsis did here is extraordinary because of its simplicity. He made a complete masterpiece based on two actors with good chemistry and on the landscapes of the italian countryside. The main characters share feelings and thoughts with no excessive discussions or altercations. Their smooth interaction is all that it takes to get to know each other and prepares the ground for a sweet love story.

Moreover, it is very refreshing that it is a road trip with two male characters and not with the so typical heterosexual couple!

It certainly needs talent to make such a good movie by using the simplest "ingredients"!

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