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Time for MaxTul!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

I had watched a number of thai BL and none of them had managed to excite me. It was then that I came across "Together With Me" (2017) and the iconic Korn and Knock. This couple was love at first sight!!! My personal opinion is that there hasn't been any other couple, throughout the BL series, that has such a steamy chemistry and subsequently such steamy and passionate scenes.

Of course, we must not forget that they were pioneers in this genre but even so they rightfuly won the title of the Kings of BL. "Together With me The Next Chapter"(2018) was equally good although there are many viewers who may disagree with me. "Bad Romance" which was the first of the three seasons had nothing to do with the other two. Fortunately, I hadn't realized it was the first one so I watched it much later. I simply didn't like it.

"Together With Me" is the typical student drama but something makes it distinguish. I think that except from MaxTul, it is the beginning of the story that differentiates it from any other similar drama. The very first scene definitely captures our attention and leaves us with no other choice but to continue watching! The fact that in "The Next Chapter" Korn and Knock are not students anymore but two adults in a working environment, is a very good concept and makes the sequel more appealing.

Two years after their success and having managed to maintain their "title", they made their come back with "Manner of Death" (2020). Their experience and compatibility helped them to escape from the KornKnock stereotype and offered us the two mature and attractive characters of Tan and Bun.

Two opposite characters. Tan, a teacher during the day and a club owner at night, and Bun a newly appointed medical examiner. Their relationship begins when Bun is called to examine a murder victim who was Tan's girlfriend.

A "decent" effort, with suspense and action scenes, carried out in the best way possible. I must confess that I witnessed the best marriage proposal I have seen so far (not only in BL but in general). It may sound too far fetched, however for me... it just did it!!! I have no way to explain this. I know that such a perception and feeling is very subjective, therefore the only way for someone to form an opinion is just by seeing it! Let me clarify that my opinion is not biased by the fact that I like this couple since I have been very disappointed by their excessive fanservice. For this reason I kept postponing to write about them. But despite my disappointment, I owe to recognize that they are the reason I kept watching thai BL, so if nothing else, they carried out their role perfectly!

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