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Two exceptional latin american LGBT movies -"Un Rubio" & "Los Fuertes"!

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

"Un Rubio" (The Blonde One)

Released: 2019

Country: Argentina

Cast: Gaston Re, Alfonso Baron

Gabriel(Gaston Re) decides to move in his co-worker's house Juan(Alfonso Baron). Juan leads a very relaxed life with different women coming out of his room most of the nights. Gabriel is a shy and lonely single father of a young girl who fails to interpret the meaning behind Juan's stares and gestures. When they finally realize that they cannot resist this attraction, they give in to their urges. However, although Gabriel is very clear with his feelings and his sexuality, Juan is not in a position to put aside his comfort zone and his homophobic prejudices.During their intimate moments we become witnesses of their love but also of their pain because deep inside they are aware that what they share is temporary.

Directed by Marco Berger, this film is a gem among many other LGBTG movies I have watched so far. A sweet and at the same time heartbreaking love story which is told in a charming and realistic way. Great acting, especially by Gaston Re, and a perfectly executed filmmaking. The static camera shots which focus on the characters' facial expressions do an excellent job with the climax of sentiments that vary from sexual tension to suppressed emotions and love frustration. The inability to express their true feelings is from the beginning to the end their main struggle. Eventually, Gabriel seems to find peace with himself but Juan goes deeper and deeper to his compromised life.

I really loved this film although "Esteros" still remains my favourite latin american gay movie.

"Los Fuertes" (The strong Ones)

Released: 2020

Country: Chile

Cast: Samuel Gonzalez, Antonio Altamirano

Antonio (Antonio Altamirano) leaves in a remote coastal town of Chile and works in a fisherman's boat. His dream is to own his own boat. When Lucas(Samuel Gonzalez) comes to visit his sister he meets Antonio and very soon their love affair begins. However, the obstacles are more than one. Different life dreams, social taboos and troubled family relations are just a few of them.

A very mature and realistic approach towards a sweet and sincere relationship between two men who know what they want from their life but they must decide what is most important for them.

A film with enchanting cinematography of rural landscapes and wonderful music.Omar Zuniga did a great job here and I feel strongly that a sequel is a must!

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