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"Sei No Gekiyaku" or "Dangerous Drugs of Sex" (+18 Restricted)

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

A japanese movie (once again a yaoi* manga adaptation ) not for mainstream


Let me say that the trailer is very misleading, so many are those who would expect a BDSM erotic film but it is nothing of the kind.

Instead, I would characterize it as a superb psychological drama where two lost men save one another through an unorthodox but inspiring way.

Katsuragi Makoto is a salary man who suddenly loses his parents in an accident. Moreover, he is abandoned by his girlfriend and then loses his job. In this desperate state, he decides to commit suicide but his attempt is prevented by Yoda Ryoji, a doctor who fights with his own demons. Katsuragi is kept as the doctor's prisoner and is subjected to sexual abuse and humiliation. However, through this process, these two broken men form a strange bonding which has a healing effect on both of them (some may call it a Stokcholm syndrome but I am not so sure about that). Their relationship evolves in a very unexpected way and they even have a happy ending, something very unusual for this kind of drama.

I liked this film very very much and I think it's one of the best for its category. Nevertheless, I don't recommend it for those who are sensitive in gay and explicit sexual content.

Great acting skills by both Kitadai Takashi and Watanabe Sho. The two actors got into their characters in such extent that I couldn't help but admire their performance and subsequently their chemistry. Their emotional climax was amazing exhibiting extreme moments of pain, fear, despair or lust. The whole movie had a dark but sensual atmosphere with a very good music background. I didn't find any of the scenes annoying or nauseating although some viewers have found it hard to handle. On the contrary, I believe it is even better than the original manga since it gave more depth in the psychological aspect of a relationship which started in a twisted way but came to give purpose for life.

*yaoi is japanese BL

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