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"A Frozen Flower" ... Definitely an 18+ Restricted Film

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Country: South Korea

Released: 2008


During the Goryeo era, King Gong Min (Joo Jin Mo) is under pressure to produce a heir. However, this is impossible since he is homosexual and shares a relationship with his General Hong Rim (Jo In Sung). When he realizes that this situation is a threat for his throne, he persuades his lover to spend three nights with the Queen (Song Ji Hyo) in order to impregnate her. What he didn't expect was that this arrangement would have as a result for the Queen and Hong Rim to fall madly in love. Blinded by jealousy Gong Min will unlease his wrath with catastrophic ramifications.

Although it was one of my very first Goryeo period dramas it took me a long time to decide to review it. The reason is that I wasn't sure of how I felt about this film. Crude scenes, violence and explicit sex were the first impressions that left this movie in my mind. But when I rewatched it putting aside these impressions, I realized that it was indeed an very good production with wonderful actors. An extremely dramatic but interesting plot which makes it hard to believe that it belongs to a korean production since it includes sex, nudity and homosexuality,all in one. It would be understandable if it was a japanese drama but for the modest korean culture it was certainly a surprise, although a pleasant one! Nevertheless, the cast was a very important factor for this beautiful outcome. Song Ji Hyo is a beautiful and talented actress and was more than perfect for the difficult and passionate personality of the Queen. I am still astonished by Jo In Sung's bold and wonderful acting because I had come to know him only through romantic Kdramas.

The scenes, either those of violence or those of sex, no matter how daring, they weren't bothersome or cringy in the least (as far as I am concerned). Some audiences may be bothered a lot! It is also one of the films which is said to include actual sex scenes. I wouldn't be surprised if it is a fact!

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