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Why "Red White & Royal Blue" had such an enthusiastic response?

Honestly, I had no desire to write a post for this movie, although I watched it as soon as it was released.However, after reading so many positive comments about this production I decided to share my thoughts.

My first impression was that I had just watched a parody of Harry's and Megan's love story. Let's be honest! There were too many implications about the real royal family. Of course, it would not have been such a turn off, if these were our expectations from this film. What I deduced from the trailer was that it was a romantic love story with some funny elements, and I had a really good time watching it. But that was all it offered to the viewer ,a good time, which is nothing bad but it also doesn't differentiate it from any other rom com. I want to be fair , so I cannot but accept the very good casting, the good chemistry beween the main actors and the sweet and clearly romantic plot. Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez did a great job as a couple and their intimate scenes were realistic and free of awkwardness. The problem is that if it wasn't for these few scenes, the movie would be as if it had come out of a hallmark production. It is a pity because it could be very promising if directed with a more mature approach.

In conclusion, a pleasant and sweet movie and that's it!!!

I believe that the enthusiasm it gained was due to the fact that it had to do with a gay couple in fairytale romance and the audience really needed such love story.

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