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"Fellow Travellers"- A mind-blowing series!!!

Updated: Feb 15

A dramatic and desperate love story between Hawk (MattBomer) and Tim (Jonathan Bailey) who try to survive during the dark times of MacCarthyism. From their very first encounter until their last moment together, this couple offers the most lovable, passionate and heart wrenching scenes, capturing the heart of the most demanding viewer! We follow their struggle from '50s to '80s. Hawk leading a double life as a respectable husband and father unable to accept his true nature even when times have changed. It seems impossible for him to free himself from the fear that is rooted in his heart for three decades. Tim on the other hand, does not try to escape his sexual orientation. He struggles through all these years,unsuccessfully, to overcome his love for Hawk . Eventuallly, it is this love, that leads both men to live an unfulfilled and unbearable life up until the end.

For me, Matt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey gain the title of the ideal gay couple of all times. They portray the ideal intimacy and passion in every encounter either when they share a drink, a glass of milk or a bed!( For those who have watched it, will understand the glass of milk). Especially their sex scenes are so wonderfully and naturally orchestrated with both actors giving a sense of coziness.

I have been waiting to enjoy Matt Bomer in such a role since I watched "Boys In The Band"(a high value movie).

However, the scene that kept me crying watching it again and again and again, was the very last one. An impactful ending for a stunning production!!!

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