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"Smiley" - An ideal LGBTQ series!

Country: Spain

Cast: Carlos Cuevas, Miki Esparbe

Plot: Alex (Carlos Cuevas) is a bartender who has experienced too many heartbreaks. After his last break-up, he leaves a voice mail to the wrong number which belongs to Bruno (Miki Esparbé). Bruno who is an architect is intrigued by the message and decides to contact the sender. In their first meeting it is obvious that they have nothing in common, nevertheless, after a strong argument they end up sharing a passionate night. The next morning they both realize that despite their effort to face it as an one-night stand it might be something more significant. However, their egoism does not allow them to express their true feelings.

A witty and funny romantic comedy ,with two leading actors who made a perfect match. Based on a simple plot, this series kept a smile on my face until the end. Guillem Clua presents a charming and realistic love story which despite a few clichés, it makes an LGBTQ drama that meets the viewer's expectations. Here we witness circumstances as in the real world. No holding back in intimate scenes or in dialogues, no effort to beautify or cover the hardships and crudeness that many gay people may experience in the process of building a healthy relationship. I was looking forward for Carlos Cuevas' ideal leading role since "Merli" (the original series, not Sapere Aude) , and "Smiley" made it happen. I hope a second season will be soon announced!

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