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  • spyrettard last an adult BL!

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Country: Thailand

Cast: Mile Phakphum, Apo Nattawin, Bible Wichapas, Build Jakapan, Jeff Satur

A highly anticipated series which was released with a two year delay due to the pandemic.

From the beginning to the end it is the prime example of how a decent BL should be. Interesting plot, very good actors, realistic sex scenes, great chemistry even between the secondary couples, skillfull directors, very good music. A successful production overall!

While being ambushed behind an alley, Kinn, a mafia boss (Mile Phakphum) is saved by Porsche (Apo Nattawin), a bartender with exceptional martial acts skills. Kinn is impressed and asks him to become his bodyguard, but Porsche declines his offer. However, he changes his mind in order to support his younger brother. Although Porsche is straight, he finds himself attracted to Kinn who is openly gay. Their relationship does not start under the best conditions but gradually they are overwhelmed by their strong feelings and their desire for each other.

It is very rare for me to have nothing negative to mention for a Thai production. But even the few missteps can be overlooked because of the wholesome work presented to us. A perfect cast selection ideal for the mature content of this drama. Witty and steamy dialogues, sexual tension to the roof! Along with the main couple we find ourselves immerged into the unorthodox relationship between Vegas (Bible Wichapas), the mafia boss of the secondary family and Pete (Build Jakapan), a member of Kinn's manpower.

I should give a notice that abuse of many forms is present in almost every episode. Some may say that it is justified due to the nature of this drama. I certainly agree but at some point Pete's tolerence towards Vegas's torturing is certainly questionable. Nevertheless, I found myself instantly intrigued to how their relationship evolved from hate to love.

Mile and Apo are certainly a new generation of BL actors. Perfect in every aspect. They have managed to execute even the most demanding scenes naturally and very comfortably with each other. No awkwardness, no holding back....they plunged into their role wholeheartedly and the result was simply perfect!

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