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"Once in A Summer"(2006)

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

I ended up watching this movie impressed by Lee Byung Hun's performance in "Mr Sunshine".

A real love drama with nostalgic elements and scenes that reminded me of those emotions I had experienced when I watched "Cinema Paradiso".

An assistant who works for a TV show which evolves around long-lost loved ones, decides to persuade her professor Suk-Young, to take part in an episode but he is reluctant. Through her effort to convince him, we have a retrospect of his life back in 1969. During that summer, Suk-Young(Lee Byung-Hun) and Jung-In(Park Soo Ae) fall in love under difficult circumstances, since Korea is in a political turmoil. They are determined to fight for a happy ending although their fate seems predestined.

I don't choose melodramas easily, but I am happy that I watched this one.The storyline is not a superficial one. Needless to say that Lee Byun Hun is perfect as usual (he is well-known from "Bittersweet Life" and also many Hollywood productions).Soo Ae is also a perfect fit for Jung-In's melancholic character. The atmosphere of the film managed to put me in a time-capsule and let me experience the 1969 vibes through great cinematography and ideal music selection. Roy Clark's voice singing "Yesterday,When I was Young" gives a boost of emotions and I strongly believe that it is a key element for this drama!

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