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"The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese" - A must watch film!!!

Country: Japan

Released: 2020

Cast: Okura Tadayoshi, Narita Ryo

Adapted by Setona Mizushiro's manga of the same title


Imagase Wataru (Narita Ryo) is hired by the wife of Otomo Kyoichi (Okura Tadayoshi) to prove that he cheats on her. Since Otomo is Imagase's secret crush from their university years, he finds it as the perfect opportunity to make an ideal bargain. He approaches him with a bold offer: in order to destroy the proof of his infidelity, Imagase asks in exchange that Otomo becomes his lover. He demands nothing more than sex, with no emotions involved because he knows that Otomo cannot reciprocate his feelings. The cornered Otomo can do nothing but accept Imagase's offer.

A heartbreaking story between two emotionally disturbed men who struggle to overcome their insecurities. Imagase's turmoil is so painful to watch and although one could see him as a very pathetic character in reality Otomo is the one who is pathetic and full of flaws that make him unable to take a step forward. His inability to accept and recognize his true needs and feelings leads both men into misery and despair.

A beautiful movie with two great actors and very good direction. The characters' interactions are full of emotion especially the sex scenes which are passionate and sweet at the same time.Their struggle to maintain their relationship as strictly physical is a real agony. Of course Imagase knows deep inside how strong his love for Otomo is. However, Otomo is unwilling to recognize how desparately he needs Imagase in his life. Eventually, we become witnesses to an amazing evolution of emotions and strong vibes for which the main characters seem unaware up until the end.

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