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The newly born gem from Japan: "My Beautiful Man"!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

What excites me a lot is to be able to write a post the exact moment I have finished watching a drama. This is the second time I manage to satisfy this need with a BL series which is indeed worthwatching.

"Utsukushii Kare" ( My Beautiful Man)

Country: Japan

Released: November 2021

Episodes: 6

Cast: Hagiwara Riku, Yagi Yusei, Takano Akira


Hira Kazunari(Hagiwara Riku) is a 17 year old student who is unable to hide his awkwardness and uneasiness in front of others and uses his camera lens in order to feel invisible to his peers. However, when he sees the new student Kiyoi Sou (Yagi Yusei), he is immediately captivated by his beauty and aloofness and he feels for the first time the urge to capture a person's picture through his lens. He soon finds himself following him around despite the fact that he is being bullyied by Kiyoi's friends. Kiyoi on the other hand, although he often calls Hira a stalker, he doesn't seem to be able to distant himself from him.

At a first glimpse, two opposite characters with nothing in common, with Hira giving the impression of an obsessed stalker.In reality Hira and Kiyoi are not so different. They are both in their own ways introverted and have personal issues yet to be resolved.Kiyoi needs Hira in his life as much as Hira needs Kiyoi. However, their insecurities prevent them from expressing their feelings and put a distance between them. After graduation,what is left for them is to choose whether they will keep living with the memory of an unrequitted love or whether they will decide to mature and pursue a healthy relationship.

Just when I had been tired of too many BLs involving students romances, this series managed to overcome this hindrance and prove that everything is about quality work! It isn't a coincidence that it is a japanese production. This drama has everything despite its ordinary plot. Wonderful atmosphere and music which add points to the undeniable chemistry between the couple. Perfect acting with the main characters showing their flaws with no effort to beautify them. It's impossible not to love these actors and impossible not to love this series. Every episode makes you want to see more.Since it is the first of a three book series, we may expect for a second season to come out soon.

At last a great BL after a long time!

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