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3rd discussion on TharnType and their 7 years of love!!!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

How many times haven't we felt the need for more feedback on our favourite couple after a series or a movie has come to its end??? As viewers we always wish for a glimpse at their common future. We always want a little more.

This is exactly what "TharnType:7 years of Love" offers!

There is a common belief about a "curse" that follows the second seasons in BL dramas. Indeed, most of the second seasons have failed the viewers' expectations.

In my opinion, Tharn and Type managed to dissolve this curse with their undeniable chemistry, which was not so obvious in the first season but reached the highest level in this second part. We cannot avoid to observe how much more comfortable they are with each other (how could they not be?) and this adds many points to their acting and eventually to the drama's end result. It is funny though, that Gulf still cannot get rid of his shyness in a couple of occasions.

Although the 2nd season does not escape the commonalities of other BLs (for example the usual break-up crisis in the episodes before the end), I strongly believe that it wasn't disappointing. On the contrary, following this unique couple's life 7 years later and witnessing their unbreakable bonding, offered me the satisfaction that I finally watched a complete love saga!

Some viewers may find my critic as an overstatement, but this is only natural since such is the impact that MewGulf have on their fans. They are so charismatic that nothing is perceived as an exageration when we come to talk either about their work or about their personalities. For two years (since the 1st season), we have been watching these two gifted individuals maturing and evolving together through their personal interaction. More importantly, always sharing mutual love, respect and support!

Mew and Gulf - Tharn and Type are the proof that sincerity,integrity and talent are the only necessary qualities in order to succeed and survive within the toxic environment of the BL industry!

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