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Many new BLs but only a few worthmentioning ???

Since the beginning of 2022 I have made great efforts to watch as many new BL productions as possible. It hasn't been an easy task since more than a half of them were below average.

I decided to write about two Thai productions that at least I didn't regret watching.

"Not Me"

14 episodes

Cast: Gun Atthaphan, Off Jumpol, First Kanaphan, Fluke Gawin, Mond Tanutchai

OffGun were enough reason to give this drama a try. Great, great actors! Both of them have already proved how good they are since "Theory of Love".

Thankfully, their comeback had nothing to do with another school drama.

A political thriller, very unusual for BL, with a lot of action but also with the necessary romance elements.

Gun in a double role, portraying the twin brothers Black and White. Separated after their parents' divorce, they share a special bond. When Black is seriously injured and lies in a coma, the timid White decides to infiltrate his brother's motorcycle gang pretending to be him. It's his way to discover who betrayed Black and brought him in this state. His main suspects are his brother's three friends, Sean (Off Jumpol), Yok (First Kanaphan) and Gram (Mond Tanutchai). The problem is that White didn't know his brother well enough, so his new personality attracts Sean's attention who begins to have unexplained feelings towards him. However, the main purpose of the gang is to fight against a corrupted politician so they find themselves very often in a compromising position. White uses his brains to help them state their protest without jeopardising their safety. Along the way, Dan (Fluke Gawin), a police officer offers his support after his chance meeting with Yok (First Kanaphan) and a second romance begins to bloom.

A very well-stractured drama with exquisite actors, without cliche and cringy scenes. Very professional approach by all the cast. The secondary couple, Yok and Dan, were love at first sight. Their affair evolves in a smooth and at the same time passionate way. Gun in reality plays three different characters. Black, White and White who pretends to be Black. His talent is unquestionable. Of course all his past works have proved what a great actor he is especially for dramatic roles. A really outstanding drama especially in terms of the actors!

"Cutie Pie"

12 episodes

Cast: Zee Pruk Panich, NuNew Chawarin

Rated: 18+

I had been expecting to watch Zee Pruk in a good drama since "Why R U?" because it was his presence that helped me complete this series. Therefore, when the "Cutie Pie" trailer was released I couldn't wait....

Was it worth the anticipation? Not so sure...

Lian (Zee Pruk) and Kuea Keerati (NuNew) are engaged since they were kids. They meet again as grown-ups, when Lian has managed to become successful and worthy of his fiance who comes from a rich family. Kuea on the other hand, leads a double life trying to meet Lian's expectations and at the same time trying to follow his dream as a singer under the name "Kirin" and as an engineer. What he doesn't know is that Lian is aware of his true personality but he wants to win him over outside an arranged marriage. Kuea loves him deeply but is too afraid to express his feelings because he thinks that Lian sees him as a duty and not as his love interest.

I enjoyed this drama mainly because of the main couple. They are adorable and very compatible. I should confess that I would rather prefer NuNew with a less childish behaviour. There were times that it was too much. But maybe it was director's orders! Zee was nothing less than I expected. I like this actor very much and I believe that he should be given more quality works. Also the secondary couple made a decent impression. But that's it. The plot, which initially seemed very interesting, was eventually very incoherent. Most of the times I was trying to find a logical explanation for the characters' overreaction throughout their interactions. Even their initial arranged marriage was not properly justified. Once again I felt that as viewers we have been deprived of a very promising work because of a sloppy and rush execution but not in terms of the actors. On the contrary, the casting saved the day!

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