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Is "Bad Buddy" the beginning of a new era in Thai BL?

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Throughout 2021, we have been bombarded with teasers for new, promising and amazing Thai BL series. I am always willing to give a chance to dramas that I feel from the beginning that they are nothing much. However, every new release was a great disapointment since nothing reminded the good "old school" series of the previous years. And then I started watching "Bad Buddy" and it brought back all the good attributes of Thai BL. What surprised me even more was the fact that I immediately considered Ohm and Nannon as the worthy successors of MaxTul, in a much more improved and talented version (my reference has to do strictly within Thai BL). I am well aware that many viewers will disagree with me but for me the greatest advantage of a couple, despite chemistry is the level of passion they can reveal during their interactions. Ohm and Nanon reached top level with their acting skills and their genuine passion in every scene they shared.

Of course Ohm Pawat had already proved his value as an actor since "He's Coming To Me". Nanon Korapat was a very pleasant revelation and I immediately ranked him as one of my most favorite actors.

I believe that the plot of this drama is of secondary importance since it was very common (a contemporary Romeo and Juliet story). The success of "Bad Buddy" has clearly to do with this astonishing couple. Despite their disputes and hardships, throughout the episodes they always shared playful and adorable moments which were matching perfectly their personalities. Nevertheless, I should admit that it is a very well written script that avoids cleverly all the cringy and cliche moments of so many similar dramas. The most important difference is that not even once did we hear the phrase " I am straight but I like you". None of the two characters struggled with their orientation. On the contrary, they struggled with their feelings only because of their families rivalry and proceeded to develop a very healthy relationship, as every other couple regardless gender. Indeed a very refreshing improvement for a BL production. It deserves to be recognized as one of the best Thai BL and I hope that at last this "industry" will realize what it takes to make a good BL! No excessive fanservicing and definitely no cringy and toxic shippings! Just sincere and healthy scripts with talented actors who have neither homophobic nor insecure behaviour.

I am looking forward for their next work together!

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