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"MERLI"- Definitely a Hidden Gem with an attractive BL couple!!!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

After a lot of thought I decided that I should start this effort with one of the best series I have watched during the last years ( believe me I have watched a lot!).

When I first came across this drama I felt extremely lucky for my discovery.

"Merli" is a spanish production released in 2015 and consists of 3 seasons.

The storyline depicts the exceptional and unorthodox teaching methods of a philosophy teacher (Merli) and the way he affects the lives of his high school students.Through his teaching, he tries to lead them towards self-appreciation and self-acceptance in order to find solutions to their personal conflicts. Among them is also his son, who struggles to hide his homosexuality and his strong feelings towards his best friend. Every episode is named after a famous philosopher, however Merli himself is mainly affected by the greek philosophers, especially Aristotles.

A unique plot, greatly written and presented, with great actors. Even the soundtrack ("Vol del borinot" written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov),comes to complete an already splendid production which certainly deserves recognition.

This isn't one more series about high school students and classic puppy love. No,it's a drama that approaches a number of modern day social issues in an exceptional way and makes us think twice about many of them. It's a show that every parent and every student should watch without second thoughts.

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